About Us

We're Your Startup Journey Partner

Startup Paisa is a startup investment platform that offers startup founders access to reliable investors & venture capitalists. You can trust us when it comes to connecting with investors. Our platform provides startups multiple opportunities, including getting the right angel investors, seed fundings and advisers.

Start With US

If you're having a problem, chances are another founder in our network has already solved it. We bring together our massive network of founders both online and in person. Our team consists of startup veterans who have successfully founded, grown, funded, and exited their businesses. We are readily available to provide hands-on mentorship to our founders. The investors are not charged anything.

You can create an account on our platform and sign up for email notifications. If a startup files a pitch that fulfils your criteria, you will be notified. You may directly contact entrepreneurs and invest in startups in exchange for equity. We won't even charge you a cent.

Suppose you decide to carry out a transaction. After you've found the best businesses to invest in, you can give over the funds to them. By making the platform more investor-friendly, we hope to create the ideal startup ecosystem and provide a level playing field for both companies and investors.