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    Pre Seed Step This is a critical step where you evolve and initiate your concept. (i)Sow your seed (ii)Ground Your View in existence Seed Capital The initial funding that your firm requires to get initiated is known as ‘seed capital’. The worth that the investor is prepared to offer will
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    India is acknowledging the progression of a fascinating and never-seen-before startup ecosystem. The building up number of players, widened focus on the sector and the extraordinary funding have emerged the challenges for the startup universe even more. Thus, it is applicable for startups to be focussed and indispensable in their
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    If you want to invest in startups for equity this article is meant for you. It is expected that this will encourage you to examine venture capital further, regardless of the determination of this research. An investment, in the most straightforward terms, is the act of financing a business in
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    It may appear that developing a marketplace startup isn’t as tricky as working some other web apps. Technically talking, that’s true. However, when it comes to marketplaces, you face a diversity of other issues that can kill your product from the very start. What model should you prefer? How will
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    Running a business efficiently and sustaining it involves a lot of challenges in the corporate world. It requires lots and lots of hard work to come at par with your rival companies and to succeed them. But the biggest challenge that people faces is when they are willing to establish
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    Finding the right investors for startups is one of the biggest challenges for new start-up companies. Also, it becomes difficult to connect to many angel investors and venture capitalists as they are often busy with maximum pitches every day. In that way, it becomes a challenging task to connect with