5 Ways To Pitch Investors In India For Startups

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A perfect pitch can decide your selection for the next round of getting funding support from an investor. So getting it right the first time is all that you have got. Your pitch is everything in the business world, from getting you an investor to showing you a mirror of your business setbacks. Investors often end investing in many startups out of which only a few turns into successful businesses. So your pitch is a way to either kick start your business or run your efforts in oblivion. رهانات المباريات Almost every investor in India for startups is looking for a way to expand the potential of a startup, and they prove to be of great help once you get to have investment from them. 

10-minute time is enough

You do not have to take half an hour of the investor to show the worth of your business. Make your business plan in such a way that you can describe the gist of it in 10 minutes only. Your timing is critical. Your business plan would be great and shows all signs of success but it is of no use if you cannot refine it to 10 minutes. 


Here are a few things to remember about this timing thing. If you are asked to present your pitch for more than that, make sure to be less brief and more explained. If they do not limit your timing you can take this 10 min rue and finish within. Maybe if you want to expand your point or add to the information, give it only if they permit you to add to your pitch. Do not try to get it over with, take your time to explain. When you are asked a question, take a pause understand the question asked, and then reply accordingly. Every slide you present should take 2 to 3 minutes. 

Self-analysis of the problem and its solution

When you are ready with your business plan, you become aware of the challenges it is going to face and where it lacks. Explaining all the problems of your startup along with the solutions make investors trust you with your business plan. Your pitch is definitely what they want to hear, but they are also keen on knowing the drawbacks of your product. It shows that you have done your homework properly and that you are in no way going to let their investment go in vain. 

Be crystal clear about your product

Let’s understand these statistics first- Investors get 1000 pitches regularly, they shortlist 100 of them, and then invest in about 1 or 2 startups. This shows how precious their time is. They need to know what exactly your business is about and why they should invest in your business. سباق احصنة Do not try to explain how much effort have you put in, how much time it took for you to come up with this idea until they ask for it. While seed funding for startups in India is easily available, finding other investors is also not big of a deal. 

About the entrepreneur

Other than all the things mentioned above, one of the important things is to introduce yourself in a way that shows your passion for this business. Introduce your team as a bunch of hard-working and loyal people who wish to do anything to achieve success. 


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Remember investors deal with entrepreneurs every day they will know if you brag about something. Try to support your statement about you and your team with some facts. لعبة قمار Start your pitch with great energy and be enthusiastic about your business plan throughout your speech. 

Dress to impress

While it is an unsaid rule of presentation that we Indians have learned from ages. We dress well in formals to impress the panel. This is what you need to do when you pitch your investors. However, your knowledge speaks more than your physical appearance. So even if you plan to not get all dressed up for your big day, make sure to do your research well. 


You should also practice your pitch in that formal dress before leaving your place to make sure you look confident. Ask any of your friends or family members to anticipate questions and answer them for your help. 

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