Benefits of Working with a Startup Company

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Working for a startup may not pay you a handsome amount and there will be days when you get nickels and dimes while returning to your home but the exposure to opportunities and indulging in a multi tasking job is limitless. A person with experience in working for a startup company has a brain structure build to handle multiple responsibilities and tackle unpredicted problems.


Working with a startup may involve a lot of risks, nothing secret about that. According to the wall street journal, the percentage of failing the startup is no less than 75%. Even there are startup funerals in Silicon Valley, where the CEO’s ruminate on the mistakes made. But, this doesn’t mean taking a job in parallel along with the startup company – even with the one that completely fails- as it won’t allow you to gain that valuable experience and skills to add to your resume.


In tech-based projects especially, there are always high possibilities that your project could be circumvented by unanticipated advances and inventions. There is a lot to be learned through a startup, some will dive in and swim mentally in every other possibility one could find or others will ride onto the starting process managing every string of the horses of different fields. 


The snags of working with any startup company are habitually related to the short term risks. The pay is not good in the early days, the benefits are related to the handful of employees who work in the initial days and the work-life balance can be tenuous. 

Some of the people who work on startups are the most talented ones in the respective fields. There are thousands of other things they could do that offer better remuneration and security, but still, they choose to take the risk to invest their time and energy to do something they believe in. which is incredibly inspiring!

Job performance

Whenever you join a startup, you are generally given time to train and acclimate to the system of the company, this is how startups in India get beneficial. You won’t feel the immediate pressure of a job for a few months but you will realize this soon. Since startups are a small workforce with a huge mission ahead, the work of each person factors significantly in the success. Job performance in a startup directly highlights the capability of an individual to multitask and handle responsibilities that are just a smaller projection of what they might face in a larger organisation. An exposure to management responsibilities that comes with the unpredictory nature of startups proves to be extremely fruitful in building a dedicated employee as well as provides a direct insight into business management.

Work-life balance

The foremost thing that has been mentioned by most of the startups is that personal life is camouflaged with work and ideas related to growing more into it. The startups are filled with passionate people who contain ideas that are never accessed by others, and who knows how long the ideas will entail, for hours or days.

Startups can be here today – gone tomorrow. Culture believed that people at startups ride scooters to their next meeting and play football till brainstorming. But, the reality is completely different. A startup needs dedication from every single employee which is usually missing in big organizations. If you are someone who is looking for long term stability from a startup then it might not be the right choice for you. If you are looking for personal growth, then you need to go through the up and downs of the projects, fast-growing possibilities, and dynamic initiatives. So if you are someone who welcomes the risks and wants to grow professionally then this is the place for you. 

The lack of structure in the startup companies lends more than 9 to 5 working days. You will soon discern that the lines of working and weekend days will blur with each other along with the reality that you can only hope for your efforts producing success. Some enthusiasts appreciate this lack of structure while others find it risky and hence thrive for a more structured environment in the established ones and find peace.

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Connecting with a startup company is completely different from teaming with an established one. The startup investment platforms are filled with go-getters people. It’s like comparing the people who want to drive for extra mileage and people who want their food on their table.


Since the teams in the startups are usually small thus one has to wear different hats at the odd hours. The funds are extremely low and thus the company tries to extract everything out of their employees that are possible. 

Experience and skills

With an attitude aiming for growth and success, startups provide the perfect opportunities to learn various skills in a small amount of time which gives your resume an extra boost. Established companies prefer the take of those employees who have experience working on a budding project, knowing the level of exposure to a variety of tasks they have tackled. In a matter of no time , you will be working on multiple positions in the same startup company. If an employee actually dedicates his mind and soul into a startup, the learning curve is exponential. Working for a startup is more than working for a 9 to 5, it gives scope for a person to learn into developing loyalty and dedication to the company.


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