Best Online Investment Platforms for Startups

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Every budding startup desires the day that will take them off ground and on their way to success. But before our business fantasies get the best of us, let’s not forget that it’s not a job of faint hearted. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to establish yourself in the market and one point sooner for some, every business owner comes to the question of where to find startup investors to get funding for their project. 

With traditional methods of fundraising for your startup, it took far more efforts to find and convince  the interested in investors for a venture. Same cannot be said for how we practice fundraising today. With everything that has gone digital, so has fundraising. A great number of effective and trustable online startup investment platforms have established themselves that have created a virtual meeting place for investors and startup owners to connect easily and hasslefree, giving ample opportunities and ease to those looking for investment or seed funding for their project and access to some of the top startup investors.

So look into these below mentioned startup investment platforms and give your business the chance that it has been looking for and what you may have thought an impossible task to get done.

Investor Hunt

At the top of the list to get funding for a startup, investor hunt facilitates access to over 40,000 venture capitalists and angel investors with many investors interested in digital products in their database. With the known fact that this startup investment platform is a product of product hunt itself, it gives you value for your money. 

Starting with a basic plan of $69 per month that allows as many searches as you want, links to social media, investor name and data involving their past investments. Second plan offered by investor hunt costs $149 per month which basically adds some options and direct email addresses. The highest and premium plan at $299 per month gives access to the investor’s phone number and office address.


AngelList is known to facilitate its users to build their network on the site by connecting social media accounts that results in better chances of gaining funding or to just simply search for investors on their startup that may be a good fit for your venture. It also involves a job board for candidates who are looking to work in a startup environment, giving a chance to both employers and employees to connect especially for startups.

One of the biggest selling points of this startup investment platform is that it is free to create an account on it, so there is nothing to lose in using it when looking for investors.


Republic, an amazing crowdfunding platform for startup funding is actually powered by AngelList, adding to its great reputation. Republic does not tie your reach to angel investors and venture capitalists instead it gives you access to the general public who may be interested in your project and can contribute as little as $10, facilitating a better reach to anyone who wants to invest. The platform is only accessible to US-based companies.


GlassDollar is quite underrated to be fourth in list for finding top startup investors because of its impeccable criteria that facilitates a better for a startup to its investor. This platform makes their investors fill out criteria which further helps them to connect with the startup that meets their interests. This kind of process makes the process of finding investors efficient and cost effective for both parties on the platform.

On a journey, where every turn presents itself with a new obstacle, it is a highly energy saving process that allows you to pitch to the investors you approve and then go from there. Moreover GlassDollar can be used for free and has quite an easy assessment that decides if your startup qualifies. 


With zero fees for startups, users have basically nothing to lose when using WeFunder when raising funds for your startup. It is a crowdfunding platform with a focused statistics page who knows how to get results. In its journey, WeFunder has contributed to the success of many hardware startups with over $9 million raised in total. This platform allows you to raise any amount between $20,000 to $50 million. 

Moreover WeFunder only charges successful campaigns   with 7.5% of their total fundraiser and then compensate the amount if your startup can find a better deal somewhere else.


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