Coronavirus Vaccine: Things to Remember before Getting Vaccinated

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As we all know the whole world is going through the coronavirus crisis and people are facing an endless number of problems whether it is mentally, physically, and financially. In India, the situation got worse when the number of cases went above 3 lakhs per day. Many countries put a lockdown in their cities while some put various kinds of restrictions to go out. The lockdown had a significant impact on mental health, resulting in psychological issues such as anger, stress, and depression. 

In a country like India, covid-19 has caused some adverse effects on every aspect of life. All the sectors including business, education, health, food, transportation, tourism, housing, entertainment, food security, sports, and so on. The outbreak poses a serious threat to global economic stability. There is nothing hidden as the human loss resulting from this pandemic is very heart-breaking for people around the world. People are coming for each other to help and survive this global pandemic. The good news is that India has successfully made the covid vaccine that will reduce the risk of covid-19 after its dosage. Currently, people who are above 18 of age are eligible to take the coronavirus vaccine in India and many crores of people have already taken the covid vaccines made in India and have made them ready to fight this disastrous disease. However, many people have got some mild side effects as the dosage of the vaccine is quite heavy and makes antibodies with your body. 

Key Things to Remember Before taking Covid Vaccine

After consulting your doctor, if you are ready to take the dosage of the coronavirus vaccine then, there are few things that you need to keep in mind. Here, read out the points that you should take care of before as well as after taking the vaccination. Have a look at these important do’s and don’ts of covid vaccine here:

Consult your doctor if you have any medical history

It is very important to consult your family doctor or regular physician for the vaccination dosage if you are dealing with some chronic diseases or if you have any serious medical history. If you’re young and safe, there are no risks associated with getting vaccinated. If you’re over 45 and have pre-existing medical conditions or comorbidities like hypertension, diabetes, or renal disease, you can contact your doctor to ask if the vaccine is safe to take.

Get a Clearance of your regular Medications

You must also get approval for some drugs that can increase your risk of having an allergic reaction, in addition to seeing your doctor. However, patients with a history of acute or delayed onset anaphylaxis or allergic reactions to pharmaceuticals, foods, or injectable therapies do not receive the vaccine, according to the Ministry of Health.

Eat a Nutritious and Healthy Diet

Many doctors and experts agree that maintaining a balanced diet before having the COVID shot is important and that regular medications should also be taken under the supervision of the doctor. If you will eat a full and healthy diet then, you will be able to absorb the effect of a heavy dosage of coronavirus vaccines like Covaxin and Covishield. If you eat fruits and green vegetables along with consumption of milk and coconut water then, you will not feel any major side effects.

Avoid Smoking and Consumption of Alcohol

Don’t smoke because it can lower the antibody response to a variety of vaccines. If it’s absolutely appropriate, she recommends using a nicotine patch or gum. Alcohol is unhealthy for the body. It’s best if you don’t drink alcohol for 3-4 days before your vaccination. Because of this, our immune response to the vaccine could be weakened. “Avoid consuming alcohol for three days prior to and after your shot.

Stay Calm if you feel any Side-Effects 

If you’ve already had the COVID vaccine, have yourself checked by a healthcare professional to see if you’ve had any side effects or adverse reactions. Do not be alarmed if you encounter such discomforts or allergic reactions, such as pain, itchiness, fever, or fatigue. The immune system of your body responds to the vaccine in a variety of ways.

Take all the Necessary Covid Precautions even after Vaccination

This is a very important point to remember as people think that they can’t have a covid infection after vaccination. But, this is not true as vaccines reduce the risk of death from covid and help to get better recovery. So, you must wear your masks at all times even after you’ve been vaccinated. Maintain hygienic practices while maintaining social distance. Hands should be washed and regularly touched surfaces should be disinfected.

Who is Eligible to take Covid Vaccine in India?

There are millions of people who have taken the covid vaccine and India has given vaccines to various countries as well. Talking of India, on January 16th, 2021, the general population started receiving COVID vaccines. The second phase of the vaccine drive began on March 1, 2021, for people over the age of 60 and over 45 who have comorbidities. Although senior citizens have been considered ineligible for the vaccine without exception, anyone over the age of 45 must obtain clearance for pre-existing conditions.

Recently, an announcement was made by PM Narendra Modi after which the vaccination is allowed for the 18 above citizens of the country.

Who Should Not Take the Vaccine?

  1. Children below the age of 18 are not permitted to get covid vaccination
  2. Women who are pregnant should not take the Covid-19 vaccine.
  3. People who have active Covid-19 symptoms should wait 4-8 weeks before getting the vaccine. 
  4. People who have any allergic reaction to a prior dose of the Covid-19 vaccine should avoid it. 


So, these are the key things to remember before taking the vaccination that all people should follow to decrease the risk of any side effects. In this blog, you will get to know who are the people eligible for the covid vaccine and what are key things to remember before taking a covid vaccine. If you are above 18 of age then, you should also get vaccinated as soon as possible to secure yourself from this hazardous virus.

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