Environmental Lessons To Learn From The Lockdown

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Of all the things that could dampen the human spirit, this lockdown has shown the beauty of nature shining through decades of pollution, and its effects on everything around. For the first time in decades, people living in the usually highly polluted cities can enjoy cleaner air and view a clearer sky. While it is not possible to entertain a lockdown just for environmental reasons, the effects on reduced traffic has shown humanity that it had a significantly positive effect on the environment. It is this effect that can be emulated by using cleaner sources of energy for a start. 


If the society shifted to using cleaner energy for their daily uses, it could positively affect the environment. It might seem like wishful thinking but the first step always involves education. Learning about the benefits of managing cleaner renewable energy, by taking admission in renewable energy management courses offered by renowned institutes like the NTPC School of Business, should help anyone understand how to take the first few steps towards a cleaner environment. 

Why Energy Management Courses?

One of the reasons renewable energy sources aren’t used more than non-renewable, is the matter of harnessing it. This is not a dependable source of energy on account of climate conditions. But humanity is in a desperate situation regarding future energy availability, and if the alternate energy source does not help solve that situation, there seemingly is no point. As a process that is utilized to reduce energy costs, energy management can help out both industries and households to reduce consumption of energy and carbon footprint. As responsible citizens, having the knowledge to deal with this is a must and should hence take part in energy management courses to learn more.

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Replenishment in Lockdown

For the first time in decades, certain sea animals have been spotted frequenting near city coastlines, even birds have been sighted in cities where those haven’t been seen in years. As a far-reaching effect, this shows what a lowered use of polluting sources of energy can have on the environment. These are not simply for the looks, but are indications of a healing world. As beautiful as this has been, the lockdown will end eventually, and city life will force people to resume using energy sources that will contribute towards pollution again.

This is the time to think about how society can contribute to an environment that won’t have to depend on a lockdown to remain this clean. What was previously unthinkable is reality now, at least a chance to see how positive it can be. It is not just cleaner air and a reduction in smog, but the lowered carbon emissions will benefit everyone. 

Role of Climate Change

One of the situations that have been affecting has been global warming and its immediate effect of unnatural climate change. This has not only been an issue regarding harmful effects on animal lives, but in turn also on the livelihoods of people. The oncoming threat of rising sea levels because of climate change is also a major concern. Over the last few years, quite a few cities around the world have been affected by tsunamis, which has also been a result of climate change. All these might seem like an enormous undertaking, but as it has always been the truth, every beginning requires small steps forward.

Our Responsibility

India has been shifting towards cleaner energy sources for years now, even though it is still largely dependent on fossil and nuclear sources for energy. It is not just this where energy consumption is concerned. The general consumers have been using petroleum products to fuel their vehicles and food preparation needs. All of this has a combined effect on the environment as well, and must be taken into consideration when trying to change for the better.

In a world plagued by a pandemic, if there has been a silver lining, it has been this vision of a better possibility. In this era of an almost mechanical world, those who can breathe cleaner air, and live in a cleaner environment are truly blessed and bountiful. It is this vision that every aspect of society should look towards, because it is not just the lives of those who live now, but of a future generation as well.

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