How to Blunt Cut your Long Hair

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Blunt cut hairstyles have been a mainstay in women’s hair fashion for several years, yet many people are still unsure how to do them correctly. Achieving the perfect look with a blunt cut can be tricky, as it requires a combination of precise styling, quality products, and expert advice from professional stylists. With a little help, anyone can get perfect results, regardless of their hair type or length. Here are the basics on how to cut long hair the right way:

Sleek appearance

Longer haircuts can be very trendy and glamorous, but can also make you feel more self-conscious about your appearance. That’s why it’s important to take your time and get it right. “Blunt” hairstyles tend to work best on clients with thick, fine hair, as they offer a more edgy and sleek appearance with Matrix hair products for hair color your hair. Best suited for clients with fine hair, this Bella Hadid -approved style makes the most impression, while thick-headed clients will achieve an elegant, layered effect that works perfectly with waves and curls.

Flipping your hair

This super short bob cuts all the way to the nape of the neck, with a slight wave at the crown. Any woman with curling irons in their closet will be able to pull off this chic cut, as it offers instant style. The bob part is the defining feature and is usually achieved by flipping your hair upside-down or by using a hair flat iron. If you’re not comfortable with a blunt, edgy hairstyle, a super short bob can be easily achieved by adding some volume at the crown.

Side-swept fringe

Want to keep things simple? The bob is great but how about a side-swept fringe? Side-swept fringe tends to look just as casual as the bob but provides a fresh, uncluttered look that is great for all occasions. A side-swept fringe looks good on almost any type of hair – long, short, or curly. It’s a cheap, easy way to keep your hair simple, yet trendy.

Curly-haired women

Want long, soft locks? Curly-haired women can go with a more subtle, natural look with a blunt cut long hair cut. These cuts are usually only one inch long, and they help to soften the look of curly hair. You can achieve the look simply by choosing natural hair colors and by applying a slight amount of curl product to your ends.

Corkscrew curls and clips

There are also cute ways to hide your curls, whether they are short or long. There are plenty of styles that will do the trick, from layers that reach the floor to tight corkscrew curls and clips. If you have face shapes that lend themselves to these styles, you’ll find that cutting your hair less is better when it comes to concealing frizz, weight, or adding volume to your hair. This is especially helpful for those with angular faces, long thinning hair, and dark hair types.

Off-center part

Those with chin-length or longer hair can benefit from a more grown-up style. One cute option is a chin-length bob with an off-centre part, like the bobbers from Hair By Scott. With this design, the sides of your box are longer than the center, creating an edgier look. You can use any type of off-center part, whether it be a side part a fringe, or even a ponytail. Chin-length hairstyles are great for those with long cheekbones and wide-set faces.


Long layers work great for those who want to add some volume to their hairstyle without changing their hair color or products. In a box, you can use any number of layers, from the center to the ends. Layers work great for those who have natural hair color and curl, as they can just change the part of the hair they’re applying it to (or getting the curl started) and avoid having to dye their hair at all. 

To change the curl of your bob, you can cut the layers completely down to your natural hair color, but if you’d like your hair to stay natural, just pull a few strands off

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