How to Train Your Team for Success: Tips for Business Owners

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As a business owner, there are many ways to train your staff to help improve the quality of services rendered for more profit. Some of these include taking them through a training course, setting up certification eligibility requirements to streamline your choices, and going beyond the average base salary to encourage hard work. All these and more we’ve put together in this article and explained to help make you and your team achieve the success you so desire with ease

Be a positive leader

In other words, make use of your leadership positively. The power of expectations, also known as the Pygmalion effect, says that managers who use their authority positively help their team reach their full potential. Your expectations as a manager or leader are communicated unconsciously or consciously to your team, and they resultantly perform in line with these expectations.

For example, a project management consultant feeling complacent at work might rub off on his team. They might end up feeling comfortable where they are, seeing no need to change or achieve more. Another team with an energetic and positive leader will always be excited about new projects, looking for exciting things to do to grow in their field of work. They might bring up the idea of asset labels for equipment tracking, or using media marketing for more visibility, and much more.

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Choose great team members

Before anyone gets to be on your team in the first place, make sure both yourself and the applicant are more than qualified for any tasks set. Let’s say you’re on the hunt for an experienced project manager in Houston, TX, the first thing you must do is ensure that all applicants have project management knowledge and are PMP certified. Some might have their PMP certification in Houston, while others might come from other areas. Choosing PMP-certified people in this instance ensures that your team is made up of skilled individuals who know practical tools that will help them complete projects.

Communicate well


One of the best practices when engaging with staff is proper and clear communication. It doesn’t matter the years of experience you have under your belt; if you can’t communicate the vision and mission of your company to your team, you’ll never reach your goals. Most team leaders aim to manage a team effectively and reach their full potential, so clear and good communication is vital. The inability to communicate can cause problems such as a lack of confidence from the team in your ability to lead, lack of productivity, and feelings of resentment in some cases.

When communicating, be sure to use clear, concise, and honest words. Address all stakeholders simultaneously, and engage in one-on-one meetings that allow members of the team to freely express themselves. While speaking to your team, you also need to learn the importance of listening. Encourage every member to contribute during meetings, pose questions to those silent to get them to engage, and take note of everything they say.

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Focus on building the team

To be a great team, all members need to know one another. You’ll all spend more time with each other than at home, so you might as well find out everything you can about your team. The simple act of learning about each other goes a long way to help you understand how best you can combine your skills for success. How do you go about this? Engage your team members in some team-building sessions. Forget about being competitive and have fun with these sessions. Create activities that don’t consume much time but demand that your teamwork in unison achieve a certain goal.

All in all, competence without a skilled team is hazardous for any business. It doesn’t matter the level at which you lead. You can work with your team to progress in your performance for more chances of success whenever you are.

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