Leading Technology Trends to Expect in 2020

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Half of the year is over now, and the world has already seen many technological evolutions that are bringing people closer to the fourth industrial revolution. Due to rapidly changing technologies, it is becoming exceedingly harder and crucial for companies to keep up with all the changes and progress in the digital era. What was an innovative theory or technology yesterday may become a standard quickly tomorrow. From the IoT to artificial intelligence, the exponential growth of digital experiences to the future of management, data security and storage, there are many promising technology trends you must keep a keen eye on in 2020 and beyond. 

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Technologies have a greater impact on all technological developments. It has received lots of hype in 2020 and continues to be the trend to watch because of its amazing effects on how we work, live and play. AI refers to the computer systems which are programmed to imitate human intelligence while performing jobs like speech or patterns, image recognition and decision making. AI technology can perform all the assigned jobs efficiently and quickly than humans. 

Machine Learning and AI offer unparalleled insights to organizations about their competitive landscape, resource allocation, and current performance. As a result, marketers can use these insights to improvise the performance and many other things. 

Internet of Things or IoT

Today in this digital era, people are widely adopting internet technology as the ultimate mode of communication. Because of the increase in internet technology, IoT is likely to develop a strong foothold for all in the coming years, and it will drastically transform our lives. IoT is the future of technology that enables devices, cars, home appliances and more to be connected to while making exchanging data-efficient and easier. 

As consumers, we all benefit from this technology, and businesses are gradually integrating it into their businesses to improve safety, decision-making, and efficiency because precise data can be collected and analyzed with such technologies. 


By the end of 2020, the entire world would be under the spell of lightning-fast internet connectivity. Not to mention, many benefits are attached to 5G technology. 5G is making its presence gradually in the technology market, and it is likely to bring lots of advantages, including higher capacity, high internet speed, lower latency and more. All these benefits are likely to make 5G a major technology trend to be observed in 2020. The new network will continue to rule the world, and devices will become widely available, and businesses would showcase new automotive, industrial, educational and medical use cases. You can buy any 5G support devices online using the Amazon India coupon code to save some money and avail discounts.      


Because of the different emerging technology trends in 2020, like big data, cloud computing, robotics and artificial intelligence are moving towards high scale growth, it is not all a surprising moment to see the automation reaching a new height in 2020. Most software consultation companies and firms are deploying automation, including manufacturing banking and software companies. 


Blockchain is the upcoming technology trend that you will see in 2020. It refers to the decentralized digital ledger that stores all the transactions performed on thousands of computer systems. The technology is registered in a way that prevents subsequent modification, and it enhances security while accelerating the speed of exchanging information and data transparently. It also benefits the 3rd parties whose role is to offer certification in transactions and elements of trust. 

Edge Computing

Edge computing is a relatively new field that is likely to dominate the technology landscape in 2020. The technology is referred to as a variety of applications that are applied in multiple organizations and industries. The amount of data that industries need to deal with tends to increase day by day, and cloud computing is no longer efficient in dealing with large data. Therefore, Edge Computing has been designed to solve all such issues by bypassing the latency that is caused due to cloud computing and accelerating the process of storing data to the data centre. It minimizes data transfer time by reducing latency. Because of such benefits, edge computing is used to process the time-sensitive data in any remote location with limited connectivity to the centralized location. 

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