The Growing Role Of AI In 2020 For The Pharmaceutical Industry

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AI has empowered several industries and healthcare is one of them. The role of AI in 2020 has amplified and set a new benchmark especially for businesses associated with this industry.

Pharmaceutical companies are strong pillars of the healthcare sector. The growth in these companies have stunted in previous years. Several owners felt that they have reached a saturation point and cannot excel any further.

Introduction of Ai-Based Applications in the Companies

The tasks which relied on human intelligence can now be accomplished easily with the use of AI and computer based algorithms. This implementation can provide a helping hand to biotechnologists and scientists.

These applications can align the process of drug development and discovery, automate mundane tasks for optimal use of resources, and also assist in diagnosis.

Discussed here are the key areas in which AI has helped several pharmaceutical companies-


AI can be utilized to determine medical images and scans. The AI software can compare the inserted image with the already existing image in the database. It can trace if there are any differences and accurately compare data contained in the images.

Doctors can accurately diagnose diseases and at a faster pace with the help of AI. They can also recommend suitable treatment to the patients at the right time.

The use of AI for diagnosis can help to detect several conditions from hypertension to eye ailments. It is equally helpful to trace life-threatening diseases such as cancer.

The 3D visualization software can also diagnose rare cancers such as airway cancer. With AI software, it is easier to trace cancer with utmost precision.

Drug Research

Pharmaceutical companies have to follow a lengthy and complex process for research and development of a new drug. Sadly, only 14% of drugs pass clinical trials. It costs billions and over 10 years to develop a new drug.

The existing drug developments are quite time-consuming and inefficient. AI- can help overcome these inefficiencies. Companies can reduce the time involved in research and development of new medicines. AI can also determine chemical and physical properties of molecules.

AI-based software is quite reliable since they provide accurate results that too at reduced time and cost. New drugs can be synthesized and have a positive impact on patients.

In most cases, drugs are researched for a single disease-causing gene. This is a major drawback that results in an increased number of failures in drug researches. AI-can help medical practitioners to trace multiple genes at once that are responsible for diseases. This will simplify the process of finding drugs for complex diseases such as Alzheimers.

Data Analysis And Management

Pharmaceutical companies create massive data on a day-to-day basis. AI can help manage, store, and analyze data effortlessly. It can help pharmaceutical companies to maintain history of chemical composition, medicines, and their uses.

Businesses can conveniently gain access to the medical data as and when needed. AI can be utilized for data analysis and management and eliminate replication of data.

Duplication of data can cause several problems in the future. It can be a time-consuming process to search for specific data in absence of AI-software. This software can align data, send a reminder or delete duplicate data.

With an AI system in place, pharmacists can save adequate time, quickly refer to the historical data and work on the development of new drugs.

Precise Medicines

The AI model can trace and analyze massive data within a span of a few minutes. This means that the model can skimp through data much faster than a human being. The same model can be utilized to trace an individual’s medical history and their family background.

This can help predict hereditary diseases based on the family medical history. The right medicines can be suggested to patients for quicker recovery. It can also trace diseases that a patient is prone to in the near future.

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