Tips for Nailing Your College Admissions Essays

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If you’re setting your sights high, there are several steps in the college application process you need to take in order to get into your dream school. First, you’ll need the best grades throughout your high school education. Then, your SAT or ACT scores have to be high enough to compete with other students applying for the same schools. Last, and certainly not least, you’ll have to write a college essay that’s unique, personal, and worthy of admission. Your college admission essay is a personal statement that shows who you are. It should also indicate your potential as a student and how you’ll fit in as a flourishing member of society. Here are some tips for nailing your essays for the college admission process.

Brainstorm early and write multiple drafts

Because college admissions essays tend to be personal and unique to you, it can be difficult to nail which parts of your story you should include. So, it’s important to start as early as possible. If you have multiple ideas, you may want to start writing multiple drafts for each idea and see if there’s something worth keeping there. The sooner you start brainstorming, the sooner you’ll be able to explore different ways of showcasing your potential as a prospective student.

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Share your personal story and make it authentic

College admissions essays are all about showcasing who you are as a person. So, it’s important to be original and ensure that the essay is truly authentic to you. Don’t just describe a story. It’s best to talk about your entire experience to really make it sound impressive. Discuss any unique qualities that help you stand out as an individual. An admission committee can tell when you’re being authentic or not because they’ve likely read thousands of essays from all kinds of different students from different backgrounds. Think about what you find most important and see how that can translate into your admission essay.

Seek the advice of professionals

advice of professionals

If you’re really aiming for an outstanding college application, it may be best to seek out a college essay counselor. Application essays can be tough, and there are some trials you’ll experience in the writing process. What are your strengths and weaknesses as a student? How are you going to stand out as an applicant? An admissions counselor at Empowerly can help you with the application process by offering essay editing services. With their edits and suggestions, you can crank out the best college essay to get into your dream college. This is especially important to consider when you’re applying to competitive schools.

Show a part of your personality that isn’t reflected in your academic history

Admissions departments at colleges and universities understand that academic history is not the only factor to a person. That’s why college essays are often referred to as personal statements. They serve as a valuable opportunity for students to showcase their personalities beyond test scores and grades. A lot of people can look good on paper, but what makes a person a good fit is also in who they are, where they come from, and what they want to accomplish throughout their college years. You have to believe in the topic of your essay for it to be authentic. Don’t be afraid to push the envelope when it comes to these personal essays.

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There are plenty of college essay resources you can use to nail your applications, but speaking to a counselor who has seen many essays and worked in admissions departments is likely your best chance at getting into a good college. In your essay, try to show the most authentic side of yourself, get personal, and showcase what makes you a fascinating and unique individual.

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