Why Asian Bookmakers Are in Greater Demand Than Their Western Counterparts

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The Asian betting industry is huge in comparison to the other betting markets around the world. It’s, therefore, understandable why the Asian sports betting industry generates an annual revenue worth billions of pounds. As the stakes are much higher, most Asian bookmakers target a lower margin than the European bookies. 


The strategy of Asian bookies involves high-frequency trading, which requires them to go for small gains in the shifting prices instead of targeting huge chunks, which are obviously more risky. This way, the punter has a greater probability of winning for a long-term than the ones following the European books, where they usually go for margins than are usually double or triple than the Asian margins.


The Popularity of Sports Betting in Asia

Sports betting has become a significant part of the Asian culture today. Almost every sporting event does allow sports fans to place bets. It is because of the growing view that betting adds more fun to the game, thereby, drawing in more people toward the sport indirectly.


The Asian Handicap in football is the most popular form of betting in Asia. Its popularity stems from its ability to provide the Asian bookmakers the chance to eliminate the possibility of a drawn game. Thus, it means there are only two possible outcomes giving the bookies more clarity. That’s why it has begun gaining support in Europe too. While several sports like hockey and NHL apply the Asian Handicap betting, its use in football remains the most popular.


Why Asian Bookmakers Love the Asian Handicap

Although the Asian Handicap gives bookies a smaller margin, it usually balances the odds to a 50-50 outcome. It means that it generates a higher rate of interest amongst the viewers and sports fans, regardless of how disproportionately matched are the two sides. This results in much bigger betting volumes than those seen in Europe.


How Easy is it to Invest in the Asian Betting Market?

The Asian betting market has started opening up toward the European market and is attracting everyone from recreational betters to semi-pro trading groups and syndicates/ this has been helped because of the relaxation or complete revocation brought about in some laws that used to be an obstacle in the betting practices previously. The reputable agent system in Asia further safeguards the funds of everyone from the rookies to the most high-staking players.


The Hold of Asian Bookies on Global Betting Industry

The sheer size of the Asian market is the reason why prices on most football games are fixed in Asia. also, any changes in the odds are brought about first with the Asians. The actions of the Asian bookmakers are then replicated by the smaller European bookmakers who react similarly.


With an increase in the awareness of the betting industry in Europe and the best prices available for players, the appetite for placing bets will get a boost too. As more bookmakers continue to join the Asian Betting market, the Asian bookmakers will immensely benefit from the enhanced liquidity for big bets.

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