Why Community Building Is So Relevant For ICO Marketing

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We have read all about ICOs and what role they play in the cryptocurrency world. But have you ever thought of what makes a community building so essential for the ICO marketing company? Well, this concept cannot be explained much. To achieve success, an ICO needs ample support of developers or from the supporters of the blockchain community. Even though, the finest business plan and a strong product are important, for the ICO success, but the more essential is a robust community around it. Searching strong community matters more than you dream of launching an ICO.

The reason for the debacle of ICO projects is creating the currency and then hoping for people to give support for its venture. The growth of the crypto community is parallel to the crypto world. So that is why it is very important to get community support, which is continuously developing. This is the best opportunity in getting your ICO rapidly spread, and letting it become more highlighted.

Now the question about what makes community building so relevant for ICO marketing. Then below are some reasons that will explain to you better. 

Examining The Market And Receiving Response

The success of the products in the market is only possible if they go through market testing. It is even applicable to the cryptocurrency zone also. If you are lucky enough to search a community, having a positive approach to your venture, then it will certainly help in modifying your ICO and product. When you get so involved with your community members on various platforms, then you can have feedback about your whitepaper or project. 

Whenever you give importance to the community’s consideration, it encourages them. And this reflects a greater impact on your ICO marketing campaign. If you ever observe the success stories of ICOs, then you will find how they preferred communities they make to spot problems, whether, technical or structural of their Initial coin offering. When identifying any such problems, it becomes the onus for the developers to resolve them. So this is how community building becomes so important for ICO marketing.

Connecting With Your Target Market

Community building for an ICO always let you become aware of the target market. These are the ones, to whom you are supposed to reveal about your project with all the necessary information and its working. When they are convinced with the approach of your project working, then it will increase their faith. This will indicate a sign of a successful ICO. 

To motivate, your community members can prove much helpful in sharing knowledge with other worthy customers. Make sure your project should be crystal clear for their easy understanding. Another very important point to note is you must treat them well or say consider them as your team members. By doing so, they will become your representatives in driving more customers on board.

Expanding Public Relations

Community building also plays a pivotal role in your PR campaigns. This useful ICO tactic is very important in enhancing the publicity of your ICO campaign. This kind of publicity technique is also possible through other ways like publishing articles, either on paid advertisements or websites. Coming to community PR, it is much more planned and is affordable. Always remember that the bigger the community you make, the higher the chances become for the success of your ICO. It is all because the size of the community is closely linked with your ICO success. Moreover, if there is a strong community building, that promotes your ICO via PR, then it builds an authentic image of your ICO. This brings in more chances of fund collection at the time of key sales.


If you think the success of the Bitcoin project was overnight, then you are wrong. The reality is it started from the ground level. Having ample followers will make your way easier to begin. But you need to understand their need while engaging with them for a long time. All it needs sharing content which has a depth and has a meaning. Indulge yourself in crypto discussions and listen to the concerns of your followers online. Also, analyze the latest ICO listing. This is all about community building which is essential for your ICO marketing. You need to gain their confidence if you make them feel valued. And in return your ICO marketing campaign becomes successful.

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