Helping Visions Turn Into Realities

Startup Paisa lends support to entrepreneurs, startups and early-stage companies through incubators that support technological facilities. These incubators mentor companies on initial business funding,network and linkages, co-working spaces, and lab facilities. Incubators are institutions that support entrepreneurs in establishing and growing their businesses, especially in the initial stages before they’ve received business funding.

Startup Paisa connects startups with different incubator support like venture capital firms, non-profit development corporations, academic institutions, for-profit development ventures, university labs, technology parks, government institutions, corporates, and combinations of the above

Providing an Incubated Environment

Both entrepreneurs and investors need several elements before they can finally collaborate to build a project. Our startup incubation support offers invaluable monitoring and networking assistance to both financiers and startups. We provide incubation support in different fields ranging from IT, marketing, brand building, mentoring and funding. Thus, through our platform, we bring startups closer to investors and help financiers invest in startups.

From lawyers and advisors to chartered accountants and industry experts- our startup platform hosts them all.