A Trusted Platform for Accredited Investors Across the World

At Startup Paisa, we are on a mission to create a world that is jam-packed with exciting and deserving businesses. To achieve this target, we have empowered investors and venture capitalists who can help companies surge and grow. By helping angel investors and venture capital funds team up with promising projects, Startup Paisa has given a fresh impetus to the slowing startup industry.

An Ecosystem Designed Around You

Startup Paisa offers the perfect environment that venture capitalists and angel investors like yourselves need to get the job done. Every startup listed on our platform undergoes a thorough screening process to make sure that your investments are always safe. Our tightened scrutiny of projects secures not only your capital but also your trust. Whether you are an angel investor or venture capitalist, Startup Paisa provides you with an ecosystem that facilitates safe collaboration and finds for you the best startup companies to invest in.

Back the Business You Believe In

Startup Paisa allows you to send direct messages and receive email notifications to make sure that you and the project owners are on the same page. You can organize and track all your deals effortlessly using our customizable tools that are meant to manage workflow. Through our user-friendly platform, we make it much easier for ambitious entrepreneurs like yourselves to find the most promising startup companies to invest in.

And Guess What, It's All FREE

Yes, you read that right. We don't charge anything from the investors. You can register yourself on our platform and sign up for the notification mail. You will receive notification if a startup submits a pitch that meets your preferences. You can get in touch with entrepreneurs directly and invest in startups for equity. We won't charge you a penny even if you end up carrying out a deal. You can directly hand over the amount to the startup after you have found the best startups to invest in. By making the platform more investor-friendly, we seek to play an instrumental role in creating the perfect ecosystem for startups and give a level-playing field to both- startups and investors.