A Trusted Platform for Accredited Investors Across the World.

Startup Paisa has given a new impetus to the lagging startup economy by assisting angel investors and venture capital funds in partnering with potential enterprises.


An Ecosystem
Designed Around You

Startup Paisa provides the ideal atmosphere for venture capitalists and angel investors. We are particular about money security, so every startup on our platform goes through a rigorous screening procedure to ensure that your money is always safe. This builds a safe environment for your investment and builds your trust. Startup Paisa creates a secure environment for collaboration and discovers the best startup firms for you to invest in.


Invest & Back the Business You Believe In

To make sure you and the project owners are on the same page, Startup Paisa allows you to exchange direct messages and receive email notifications. With our configurable tools for workflow management, you can easily organize and track all of your deals. Thanks to our user-friendly platform, we make it a lot easier for aspiring entrepreneurs like you to locate the most potential startup companies to invest in.

Best Part - Our Services Comes With No Fees

Yes, we do not charge anything from the investors. All you have to do is register yourself on our platform and sign up for the notification mail. Once you get registered, you will receive notifications of relevant startups you are looking for. You can have a convo with startup founders directly and invest in startups for equity.

Don't worry; we won't charge even if you end up carrying out a deal. We love our instrumental role in creating the perfect ecosystem for startups and giving a level-playing field to both- startups and investors. We have no issues; investors can directly transfer the amount to the startup after finding the best startups to invest in.